Adding solar increases your house value

Most home improvements do not have a positive ROI in terms of your house’s resale value.  But adding a solar system does — as long as you own rather than lease it.

You can Google for yourself “How much does solar increase house value?” and find tidbits like this:

  • Installing 5kW of solar panels adds an average of $29,555 to the retail value of a medium-sized home”
  • solar energy is an investment that potentially pays a 200%+ return – far an excess of most any other financial vehicle you can imagine.”
  • “Going solar consistently offers higher ROIs than almost any home improvement you could ever make”
  • “FHA and Fannie Mae agree: A solar panel system adds value to your home (if you own the system)”
  • NYTimes reports on Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s conclusions that”… buyers were willing to pay a premium of $15,000 for a home with the average-size solar photovoltaic system (3.6 kilowatts, or 3,600 watts), compared with a similar home without one.”  See the full PDF report.

Finally this article takes an interesting angle.  It analyzes home solar installation from a pure investment perspective: “Solar: A High-Yield, Low-Risk Financial Instrument for Your Investment Portfolio.”  Money quote: “Solar thus serves as an intelligent and expedient choice for economically prudent individuals concerned about their financial growth.”

This is of course on top of the energy cost savings.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me!


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