Received initial solar project estimates

Here is the initial estimate I got from a solar marketplace people.

Instead of dealing directly with installers, I am trying out which runs a marketplace. They collect my project information, send it out to installers to bid on, and make recommendations to me, then follow through to make sure I’m happy. They get paid a referral fee from whichever vendor I choose. So far they seem helpful and above-board.

This system they put together is designed to have me pay $0 in electricity including 100% of electric car charging.  Here are the estimates:


The best estimate so far is $13k but they expect the bids to come in at $11k. (Prices have been plummeting on solar.)

What is the cost savings?

At this cost, the break-even point for this project is 6.5-7 years.  The total savings over 25 years is indicated above to be $62,190, accounting for a 5% annual increase in electricity costs from the utility company (which may be a tad aggressive).

How does this affect home value?

Aside from the energy savings, solar directly is said to adds to a house’s value. A quick Google search says a 5kW system such as mine adds nearly $30k of value to a home. That’s roughly 250% ROI on capital improvement alone, before we even start saving on electricity and gas! This is also notable, because most home improvements have negative ROI.

See also: Adding solar increases your house value

System design

Here is what the initial system design looked like, with 20 panels spread across three planes of our roof:


• The 9 southeast panels in the photo should generate 315 kWh/month, but this is the less valuable morning energy. The 8 southwest panels collect 286 kWh/month of the more valuable afternoon and early evening sunlight. You get more credit from PG&E for feeding energy into the grid at this time.

• The 3 northeast panels in the photo are not high ROI and we’re not recommended.  They were there to accommodate a greater electric car commute distance than I’m actually doing.  We took them out of the bid.

• Solar systems are normally warranted for 25 years and have an expected 30 year life. They are said to be reliable and low-maintenance.

• Solar panels seem almost too good to be true.  Are there any downstream costs?  The main future hidden cost that I learned is when you eventually need a new roof.  Extra labor will be involved in removing and re-installing the panels when replacing the roof. I read that some installers provide a one time allowance for this, doing the job for $500.

• We indeed do need a new roof. Many solar installers can take care of that, or subcontract that as part of the deal. (Many solar installers started off as roofers.)  I requested this as part of the bid from solar companies and may complement this with other bid from roofing-only companies.



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