Excursions into Electricity

I am looking into getting both rooftop solar and an electric car!

This was inevitable for me — I’d been thinking about it for years and waiting for the right time.  But it catalyzed by an desire to take back a bit of control after an out-of-control election year.

I’m also hoping to cash in on 30% federal incentives on solar installation, and $7,500 federal incentives on efficient cars, plus $2,500 from California, where I live.  Our president-elect denies the reality of climate change and is looking like an opponent of anything that will catalyze transition to cleaner fuel and transport.  I want to try and get in while the going is good.  

Why this blog?

I’m learning a lot in the process of researching electric cars and rooftop solar, from the perspective of a homeowner in the San Francisco Bay area.  All this stuff is pretty new and I had a lot of basic questions — questions I get from friends when we discuss it.  I thought I would capture my learnings for the benefit of old and new friends who have the same interest.

First question: BMW i3?  The brand new Chevy Bolt?  Used Tesla S?  Or wait for the Tesla 3? I think I have decided…



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